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Black Boys Camp

Why Black Boys Camp?

While diversity initiatives do a good job of building pipelines of minority candidates, we believe the hard work comes after those candidates get in the door.

African Americans hold an estimated 6.7% of the nation’s 16.2 million “management” jobs and only 4.7% of executive team members in the Fortune 100, according to the 2014 Corporate Diversity Survey.

Black professionals aren’t seeing people who look like them in many corporate settings and their colleagues often don’t bring them to the table and as a result, blacks are often overlooked for opportunities to advance in corporate America.

Black Boys Camp is designed to confront that by bringing black professionals together to a safe space for dialogue, learnings and actionable solutions.

Who attends the Camp?

Black professionals between 18 and 35 are encouraged to attend camp. No matter your industry – marketing, finance, health care, entertainment, technology, apparel, recreation or automotive – this event is designed to build comradery among a community of disparate professionals who can become a ladder to each other’s success.

We set out to change the world.

Through Black Boys Camp, we want to

  1. create a safe space for dialogue among black professionals to hear and learn from each others’ experiences, and
  2. allow black professionals to develop relationships (as mentors, mentees, advocates and executive sponsors) and strategies to enable them to advance in corporate America, after getting their feet in the door


Powerful and dynamic. Hear first-hand experiences that led to their success.

Lewis Williams

Burrell Communications

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Soul River

Michael Smith

Obama Foundation

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Black Boys Camp