Black Boys Camp seeks to empower and foster brotherhood

Next summer, Black professional men will be able to attend Black Boys Camp, an empowerment camp that teaches career skills as well as brotherhood, complete with the usual outdoor activities that come with camping.

The event will include sessions like “Old Money vs. New Money: Building generational wealth,” “Managing to Lead: How to be a boss in Corporate America,” and “Grill Master: How to throw-down at your next family cookout.”

What’s more, participants will be part of a fitness boot camp and wilderness survival activities, as well as things like kayaking, fishing, and other camping activities.

“After 10 years of working in Corporate America, including launching my own marketing firm at 24, I’ve realized there aren’t enough men in the workplace who look like me that I can go to for inspiration, mentorship and introductions,” explained Kyle Rosenbaum, who is the founder and director of Black Boys Camp, in a press release.

Read the full story at TheGrio.

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